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Social Media Best Practices

Social Media in the Urologic Community

Online collaboration platforms, including social media websites, are fundamentally changing the way physicians work and engage with each other, patients, colleagues and those within the medical community.

The American Urological Association (AUA) is increasingly exploring how online dialogue empowers physicians and individuals to be global professionals, innovators and collaborators as well as offer opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement.

Since the AUA and its members provide transformational insight and high-value innovation for health care policy, education and research, it is important they take part in sharing these insights within the context of a globally-distributed conversation. Therefore, this document is designed to provide guidance and advice for how to effectively utilize Social Media within the urologic community.

Social Media Best Practices

  • Be Professional. If you identify your affiliation with the AUA, your social media activities should be consistent with the AUA’s professional Code of Ethics.
  • Protect Confidentiality. Never post or disclose protected health information or other personal information of patient, to include information that may allude to or actually identify a patient (name on scans, faceless picture, etc.), whatever the format may be.
  • Allow for Interaction. Always act in a professional and constructive manner. Spirited and passionate discussions and debates are acceptable, but be respectful of others and their opinions.
  • Be Courteous. Refrain from using threatening or discriminatory remarks, personal insults or obscenities.
  • Exercise Discretion. Be mindful of copyright and plagiarism laws when publishing someone else’s work.
  • Support our Identity. The AUA is best represented by its members and what you publish or share may reflect on the AUA.
  • Be Thoughtful. Remember, what you publish will be public for a long time.