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AUA Announces 2015 Annual Award Winners
Awards Recognize Top Urologists, Honor Service to Specialty and Society

LINTHICUM, MD, January 20, 2015 –The American Urological Association (AUA) today announced the list of 2015 award recipients who will be honored at the Association’s upcoming Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA this May. These physician researchers and educators are being honored for their contributions to the field of medicine, the specialty of urology and the AUA.

The following awards will be presented:

Ramon Guiteras Award: The Ramon Guiteras Award is presented annually to an individual who is deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the art and science of urology. John M. Barry, MD, will receive this award for exceptional contributions to the specialty as an artist, innovator and educator; leadership as President of the American Board of Urology, AUA and Western Section of the AUA; and as a surgical scientist in multiple urological modalities, most notably in renal transplantation.

Hugh Hampton Young Award: The Hugh Hampton Young Award is presented annually to an individual for their outstanding contributions to the study of genitourinary tract disease. Harry W. Herr, MDwill receive this year’s award for outstanding contributions in advancing the treatment of bladder cancer and the training of numerous urological oncologists.

Gold Cystoscope Award: The Gold Cystoscope Award is presented annually to a urologist distinguished by outstanding contributions to the profession within 10 years of completing residency training. Matthew R. Cooperberg, MDMPH, will receive this honor for his highly successful and outstanding contributions as a clinician-scientist in prostate cancer and health services research, and as a key participant in the launch of the AUA Quality Registry.

Lifetime Achievement Award: The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to an individual who has been deemed to have made outstanding contributions to advance the mission and goals of the AUA. Leonard N. Zinman, MD, will receive this award for a lifetime commitment to urological education and innovative development of reconstructive urethral and renovascular surgery.

Robert C. Flanigan Education Award: The Robert C. Flanigan Education Award is presented once every three years to an individual who has made exemplary contributions to the educational goals of the AUA. Glenn M. Preminger, MD, will receive this award for commitment to urological education as chair of the AUA Office of Education and AUA Nephrolithiasis Guidelines Panel, co-chair of the AUA/European Association of Urology International Nephrolithiasis Guidelines Panel, as well as service on the American Board of Urology Exam Committee.

Victor A. Politano Award: The Victor A. Politano Award is presented annually to an individual for outstanding research and work in the field of incontinence and for enhancing the treatment of incontinent patients, thereby helping to improve their quality of life. Victor W. Nitti, MD, will receive this award for expertise in urodynamics; medical and surgical therapies for urinary incontinence, female pelvic reconstruction and voiding dysfunction; contributions to the International Consultation on Incontinence and service as president of the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, and Urogenital Reconstruction and to the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

William P. Didusch Art and History Award: The William P. Didusch Art and History Award promotes and recognizes contributions to urological art, including, but not limited to, illustrations, sculpture, still photography, motion pictures and television productions. Lawrence W. Jones, MD, will receive this year’s award for contributions and service as editor-in-chief of The American Urological Association Centennial History 1902 – 2002 and a lifelong commitment to the promotion of the history of urology.

Distinguished Contribution Award: The Distinguished Contribution Awards are presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the science and practice of urology, including, but not limited to, contributions made in a sub-specialty area, for military career service or for humanitarian efforts. The following individuals will be recognized with this award:

  • Leonard G. Gomella, MD, for contributions to the science and practice of urology and specifically for the “Clinicians Pocket Reference,” which is widely used by medical students and health care providers.
  • Michael O. Koch, MD, for contributions to the science and practice of urology; specifically, contributions made while chair of the American Board of Urology and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s Residency Review Committee.
  • Alan W. Partin, MD, PhD, for contributions to science; most importantly, the creation of the “Partin tables,” which are used by urologists throughout the world.

Distinguished Service Awards: The Distinguished Service Awards are presented annually to individuals who are deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the goals of the AUA. The following individuals will receive this award:

  • Mark T. Edney, MD, for tirelessly advocating for our military veterans and working with physicians, AUA staff, various stakeholders and elected officials to pass a urotrauma bill aimed at improving the health of our veterans.
  • Linda M. Dairiki Shortliffe, MD, for more than 20 years of outstanding service to the profession of urology via exemplary leadership and by furthering the academic, research and clinical practice of our specialty.
  • J. Brantley Thrasher, MD, for more than 15 years of outstanding and effective contributions to academic and organized urology through service to the AUA Board of Directors and the South Central Section of the AUA.

Gold Cane Award: The Gold Cane Award is presented to a senior urologist distinguished by outstanding contributions to the profession and to the AUA. Gilbert J. Wise, MD, is this year’s award recipient for dedication and service to the AUA, specifically as president of the New York Section of the AUA, for training a generation of residents and for contributions to the treatment of fungal infections and tuberculosis of the urinary tract.

Presidential Citations: Presidential Citations are presented to individuals deemed to have significantly promoted the cause of urology during a specific period of time. Each recipient is chosen by the AUA President. Presidential Citations will be bestowed upon the following individuals:

  • Martin L. Dresner, MD, for decades of dedicated service to the AUA, the Western Section of the AUA, the U.S. Army and Veterans Administration and urology residency training.
  • Sender Herschorn, MD, for unending contributions to  the AUA and Canadian Urological Association in research for the treatment of urinary incontinence and overactive bladder.
  • Rick Rutherford, CMPE, CHA, for establishing the Practice Management Department at the AUA, advancing the mission of the AUA through daily dedication and diligence and serving as a key resource for AUA members.
  • Noel E. Sankey, MD, FACS, for outstanding vision and dedication in establishing an innovative model of urologic stone therapy in Denver, and the entire state of Colorado, as well as contributions to the AUA South Central Section.
  • Allen D. Seftel, MD, for outstanding work with the Urology Care Foundation Outreach Council.
  • William D. Steers, MD, for years of dedication and outstanding service to the AUA, in so many ways, but most remarkably as editor of The Journal of Urology®.

About the American Urological Association: Founded in 1902 and headquartered near Baltimore, Maryland, the American Urological Association is a leading advocate for the specialty of urology, and has more than 21,000 members throughout the world. The AUA is a premier urologic association, providing invaluable support to the urologic community as it pursues its mission of fostering the highest standards of urologic care through education, research and the formulation of health policy.

Christine Frey, AUA