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The American Urological Association (AUA) submitted its statement on comparative effectiveness research priorities to the Federal Coordinating Council for CER as established by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. The AUA’s top priorities include prostate cancer, the establishment of a quality infrastructure and the development of imaging guidance for major urologic conditions. The AUA statement explains the importance of these three specific interest areas in depth.


Prostate cancer treatment represents a large portion of both urologic care and Medicare reimbursements. Therefore, urologists believe it is important for CER studies to compare long-term treatment options to weigh the benefits and risks of treatment for specific prostate cancer patient populations in order to recommend specific quality measures.


The AUA is also seeking the creation of a public/private partnership to pool the resources of those public and private stakeholders, all of whom have a vested interest in quality measurements and improvement and evidence-based medicine.  This partnership can sustain the funding for CER which will lead to the development of quality performance measures and clinical guidelines, creating a sound and sustainable robust quality infrastructure.


The third interest area for urologists focuses on the development of imaging guidance for major urologic conditions. It is important to the AUA that any comprehensive plan for CER include a comparative, evidence-based study of imaging modalities for urologic and other conditions to determine the appropriate use of imaging modalities to protect patients, primary care providers and urologists alike. More evidence-based guidance is necessary to help the medical profession to order only those imaging studies that are most effective and appropriate. 


AUA Associate Executive Director of Health Policy Beth Kosiak, PhD, lauds the CER effort as an “evidence-based, systematic way to identify the best treatments for specific patient populations and to generate the critical information that will help guide both physicians and patients.”


For a full copy of the AUA statement submitted to the Federal Coordinating Council for CER please visit:


Please contact Lacey Dean at 410-689-4054 to schedule an interview with Beth Kosiak, PhD, AUA Associate Executive Director of Health Policy.




About the American Urological Association: Founded in 1902 and headquartered near Baltimore, Maryland, the American Urological Association is the pre-eminent professional organization for urologists, with more than 16,000 members throughout the world. An educational nonprofit organization, the AUA pursues its mission of fostering the highest standards of urologic care by carrying out a wide variety of programs for members and their patients.

Lacey Dean, AUA