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The American Urological Association (AUA) Foundation has been named to the newly established Veterans Health Council, created by the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). The Foundation joins other like-minded groups on this Council, which was established by the VVA to improve healthcare for veterans. According to the VVA, the Council will provide an ongoing forum for healthcare professionals, employee representatives, advocacy organizations and healthcare firms. The Council was introduced at a special press conference on February 25, 2009 in Washington, DC.


The Council has four major goals: to inform veterans and their families about health risks related to their service and the healthcare services available to them; to educate healthcare communities about the health issues associated with military service; to develop educational materials; and to advocate on behalf of veterans’ healthcare initiatives.


According to the VVA, nearly 80 percent of veterans do not use the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities for their healthcare needs. Therefore, it is important for non-military medical facilities to be aware of these service-related conditions.


“Research has shown a clear connection between military service and urologic diseases – such as the link between Agent Orange exposure and prostate cancer – and it is important that we continue to work with servicemen and their families to educate them about urologic diseases and any increased risk for this population,” said AUA Foundation Executive Director Sandra Vassos, MPA. “The Foundation is honored to have been chosen to assist in this initiative to help our country’s veterans get the healthcare information and services they need and deserve.”


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  • Sandra Vassos, MPA, AUA Foundation executive director
  • Stephanie Chisholm, PhD, AUA Foundation patient education director


About the AUA Foundation: Originally established in 1987, the Foundation is the premier provider and resource for the most current, comprehensive and reliable urologic health information. We advocate and educate to empower physicians and the public to progress toward the highest quality prevention, detection and treatment of urologic diseases. With the support and strength of more than 16,000 physician members of the American Urological Association, the AUA Foundation strives to make certain that those who suffer from urologic conditions can enjoy the benefit of the highest level of care possible.

Lacey Dean, AUA